My Trip to Italy



I love to travel a lot, whenever I get free time I head out for new places. The Europe has always been my favorite place for travelling. I have been to France and Germany and I love the cultural diversity there. The countries of Europe are full of surprise and new things. You will experience some little changes in every counties of Europe. Italy has been a dream destination for me. I am a food lover so I always wanted to visit Italy to the taste the exquisite cuisines of that country. I have been to Italy last month and I loved every moment of my trip to Italy.

I have heard about the historic structures and food of Rome, the capital city of Italy. But my first intention was to visit the beautiful city of Florence. I went on to visit Rome for couple of days. This city is full of busy people and traffic. It is like the New York of Italy. The historic monuments are spectacular and stunning. Every year thousands of tourists comes to visit Rome, it is the city of culture and historic structures. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Rome and the food was excellent there.

I was headed to Florence for my next destination. It was a bus journey and it is amazing. The view of the roadside was very beautiful with spectacular scenery. The city of Florence is beautiful and the food was excellent as well. As Italy is the home of most numbers of world heritages according to UNESCO, I wanted to see all the heritages myself. I always read about those places in newspaper or books, so I really wanted to visit those places.


My next destination was San Gimignano, it is a small village in Tuscany. This village is famous all over the world for its stone towers. These stone towers once used to represent the wealth and power of this village. There are more than 70 stone towers in this little village. These towers were built to protect the village from enemy attack. In 1348 this village was perished by plague attack. The stones towers are still preserved and I really learned a lesson of history from this place.

If you ever visit Italy and return without witnessing the tower of Pisa, your Italy tour will be incomplete. The curved Pisa tower was built in a span of almost 170 years. After the construction work was started the laid foundation work was weak and soon caused the curve in the tower. The Tower was finally finished during the 2nd half of 14th century. It was a pleasure to watch the Pisa tower in front of me. I read so many things about this historic tower.

There are so many other places I have been during my Italy tour. Places like Positano, Lake Como and Pompeii were amazing. I really wish to visit Italy again and see the places that I haven’t seen during this tour. Italy is a perfect destination for food and history lovers.

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