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My name is Joshua Evans, I was a former Navy Seal who recently retired from the military. Served 30 years with the Navy and amazingly only missed six days of work throughout my service with the military.

During that time, I stayed in many different places. Some of these buildings I stayed in had paintings in which I grew an attraction to. I then began to do some research to locate some unique properties with some unique artists.

I was never an artist. Just a big fan…

My mother spent a lot of her time painting and she liked the way she expressed herself because it came from the heart. A few years ago she passed away. He wanted to honor her by having someone paint one of her original masterpieces in a back alley. With consent, of course.

I’m very excited to create and write in this article because writing about art is pure enjoyment for me. Throughout the world, we have some amazing artists and they express themselves in the most awkward places.

The best ones in my opinion is in the back alleys of older buildings. I have been to many places and these back alleys have the most unique designs for everyone to see. You can tell they put a lot of effort into what they do and the results show.

Some of these artists did not have any consent but the owners have decided to leave it there because they themselves admired it to a certain extent. They would also get a lot of compliments from their tenants and surrounding neighbors.

These “taggers” would come to the buildings at any time of the day. Majority of them would come at night because they did not want to get caught. Some of them were identified as career criminals. They were definitely people you did not want to mess with. So they they were usually left alone to do whatever they wanted.

The ones that did have consent were sometimes paid. Some just did it as a hobby while others did it to bring these back alleys a more positive feeling to the area.

There were so many different paintings that I have seen on the back side of these buildings. One of them had a beautiful island scenery that reminded me of a trip that I took to Hawaii one year. I was paid by a limo company (honolululimos.org) for the week because I exchanged services for them and was driving for them the whole week while their customer rented their limousines.

I saw the most amazing beach on the south shore of Maui. This beach reminded me of this painting that I saw at this six story abandoned building. It definitely gave the building some “flavor” even though nobody was staying there.

Beauty comes in the weirdest places and the “back alley gallery” is no exception.

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